Activator Technique for Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Chitra performing using the Activator Adjustment tool on a patient.

The activator chiropractic adjusting tool employs a handheld mechanical device with a spring-loaded mechanism to deliver a swift, shallow impulse to a targeted area. This impulse is so rapid that muscles cannot contract quickly enough to resist, allowing for effective movement of the treated bone. Additionally, it induces a rapid stretch in the targeted muscle, triggering the stretch reflex and promoting relaxation in any tense muscles.

This technique applies force precisely and avoids compromising joint positions, making it a very safe adjustment method. The shallow force minimizes the risk of injury, even for frail patients, and proves to be a suitable option for individuals who may not tolerate more aggressive therapies, such as those with osteoporosis. The activator is a gentle chiropractic approach applicable to nearly any joint in the body.

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