Enhance Comfort and Precision with the Thompson Drop Technique

The Thompson Drop Technique stands out as a distinctive feature on a chiropractor's table. This innovative mechanism allows specific sections to be elevated and designed to drop away during adjustments, offering a unique and highly effective approach. Dr. Chitra Rajendran, our skilled chiropractor, utilizes this technique to perform gentler adjustments in a meticulously controlled manner, ensuring a faster and more comfortable overall experience.

Customized Adjustments for Maximum Comfort

The drop piece falling away is a key element that contributes to the effectiveness of this technique. This design facilitates precise and customized adjustments, catering to the unique needs of each patient. The result is an approach that prioritizes comfort without compromising the quality of the adjustment.

Benefits for Different Patient Profiles

Certain patients, particularly those with advanced age or specific conditions, find great benefit in adjustments using the Thompson Drop Technique. Dr. Chitra Rajendran's adaptability with this method allows for personalized care, making it a suitable choice for a diverse range of individuals. Additionally, some patients simply prefer the Thompson Drop Technique for its gentle and controlled nature.

Experience the comfort and effectiveness of the Thompson Drop Technique. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Chitra Rajendran today.

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